MAPPS Audio School is the most relevant, innovative, diverse, and essential Audio school and Music Production school to date. MAPPS’s audio school program is designed for everyone, from fresh novice to former pro looking to spruce up his/her skills. Because this audio school course is administered with an amalgam of learning methods, it simply works with everyones learning style and provides variety which helps make learning that much more exciting.

Audio School Equipment

MAPPS teaches digital and Analog audio processing in pro studios with pro gear. With MAPPS you don’t just learn how to track and mix, you learn how to be well-rounded in the world of audio. With MAPPS you learn about the equipment and technology the pros use everyday in the real sessions of some of your favorite artists. Don’t just learn how it works, but how to operate and use it .

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Audio School 1 on 1

MAPPS Audio Engineering school can take your music production to the next level through one-on-one training with a working engineer in your area. He will show you the tips and the tricks every Producer/Engineer/Composer/Artist needs to know to be taken seriously in the music industry.  Even if you are a skilled audio engineer and would like to learn how to make better beats, MAPPS Audio School provides advanced training courses for those who want to sharpen their skills.

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Better Sounding Tracks

We can help you get there. We will show you exactly what you need to be doing with your current production(s) that will make your tracks sound  bigger, punch harder and are more well tuned. Let MAPPS help you bring your tracks to life with extensive training in Pro Tools 9 and hands on  experience in a professional studio with live musicians. By the end of our 20 week program you will know the ins and outs of Pro Tools and be  able to run and operate any recording session in any studio, large or small.

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