About Us

MAPPS was formed by a group of working recording industry professionals, business professionals, programmers, education professionals and music lovers alike who believe in utilizing current technology and old school apprenticeship methodology to create a new, extremely affordable and effective version of technical education and apprenticeship training.

At MAPPS our mission is to help guide our students into a focused career path. We feel that most students when they finish school have no idea how to actually get work in their desired field. Through our concentrated  22 week program we work with you not only on audio engineering, but through career path coaching. It’s one thing to get an “internship” and try to pick up scraps of knowledge here and there while being in a studio. It will take you forever to get where you want to be. But it’s another thing to be an “apprentice” and have mixes and recordings done by you, evaluated side by side with a pro engineer while your in the studio.

MAPPS Audio School is the most relevant, innovative, diverse, and essential Audio Engineering and Music Production course to date. MAPPS’s program is designed for everyone, from fresh novice to former pro looking to spruce up his/her skills. Because this course is administered with an amalgam of learning methods, it simply works with every one’s learning style and provides variety which helps make learning that much more exciting.

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