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When searching and comparing MAPPS with other schools, it is important to note how the courses are being taught.  Are you learning from professionals and in an environment that provides first hand knowledge and experence.  Taking a college course is certainly an option, however it does not allow you to train with a professional instructor in a top rated recording studio.  You’re pretty much learning theory.  This is where MAPPS Audio school excels…  We pair each student with top instructors who are well known for their work as an audio engineer in the industry.

Here are some of the reasons why students choose us compared to the others!

  • MAPPS Audio Engineering School costs much less.
  • You have one-on-one interaction, privately taught.
  • You learn at professional recording studios.
  • MAPPS Audio Engineering School educates you in being a a music producer or audio engineer.
  • Mapps is the best alternative to traditional recording and audio schools.  Not only will you have the most comprehensive online tutorials, you will learn in a Real Recording Studio side by side with a pro engineer!
  • With MAPPS you never compete for learning time because you get one on one training with an industry professional.
  • Mapps offers the most thorough and comprehensive curriculum out there .  We offer the latest in technology with the fundamentals of solid and proven techniques to achieve the sound you want to create.
  • Be the creative individual you have always wanted to be using  MAPPS tools and curriculum. We provide our proven techniques as you learn while working on your projects as well.
  • MAPPS makes it possible for you to upload and share your music  with fellow students  and engineers  using our online campus.  This will expose your material  to industry professionals that can hire you for work or  give you he exposure you need to succeed in  the music industry as an audio engineer.
  • Once you graduate our MAPPS  program, you will be certified by MAPPS as an Audio Engineer.
  • Our program is 6 months of intense online  homework and reading along with in studio one on one training that when completed you will be able to record and mix in any recording studio in the country. In addition, you will have the ability to produce your own sound library that you own.  Don’t let anyone dictate what your style of sound should be.  Chart a course that will lead you to a successful career in Audio Engineering and Sound Design.
  • MAPPS has courteous and knowledgeable Admissions Representative to answer all  of questions you or your family may have. Let our staff assist and give you a free consultation about your education so you can discuss the enrollment process we make easy for you to achieve your goals .
  • MAPPS gives you the opportunity to have a free interview with an industry professional near you. If you are accepted to our program, you will be working one on one with an audio engineer that knows the business not a classroom.
  • MAPPS lets you meet and  connect with industry professionals not just teachers in a classroom but actual Audio Engineers that have made it in the business. Learn from the professionals you want to know and be like.  We  believe you learn best by hands on training so our programs is structured around critical studio time doing live hands on training. 
  • Only by learning in a Real Recording Studio will you ever be able to get a job in one.  With Mapps you can actually say you have obtained  your education in a Real Studio not some schools version of one.
  • Don’t waste up to $100,000 on a traditional school only to be buried in debt when you graduate. Learn the skills you need to produce music and sound at a fraction  of the cost.
  • Mapps will give you the ability to network and connect with people in the industry while being at the right place at the right time .
  • Get the Education you need for $7450.00. By merging our proven curriculum with in studio training and online tutorials we can pass the savings of having a campus on to you while giving you the networking edge of being where you need to be in a STUDIO.



A–Submit your inquiry or call us at 888-448-7070 and one of our Admissions Counselor will guide you through the process


A– You do not need any experience but you do need to interview to assess if you have drive and desire to get accepted by on of our Audio Engineers.


A–We provide you with all materials and software needed.


A–We offer various financing options that are affordable and designed to meet your financial ability to pay your tuition.

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