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MAPPS Audio School is, in our opinion, the most relevant, innovative, diverse, and essential Audio Engineering and Music Production course to date. MAPPS’s program is designed for everyone, from fresh novice to former pro looking to spruce up his/her skills. Because this course is administered with an amalgam of learning methods, it simply works with every one’s learning style and provides variety which helps make learning that much more exciting.

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It’s a new age and there is a much easier, less expensive way to get your foot in the door.  Don’t spend time in a classroom just to join the stampede of job seekers in 2-4 years once you‘ve obtained your degree. Instead, you could be training in a studio today, building experience, and working on actual sessions from small to famous acts.

Wouldn’t you rather learn in the studio this very day while building work experience? With today’s technology, it makes no sense to spend your money on a hefty college or university tuition price tag, money that could instead be used to buy top notch equipment to make your sound in demand while working freelance or money that could be used to fund the construction of your own recording studio.

MAPPS is designed to get you working upon completion of your training. Once you’ve completed The MAPPS on-site and online training program, you will have more than the necessary skills to work as an assistant engineer at any studio, as a freelance engineer all on your own, as a producer, mixer, sound designer, composer, or just make your own songs sound top notch.  Furthermore, we will assist you in your job search. We wholeheartedly believe that with our training and assistance along with your determination and newfound knowledge, it would be nearly impossible for you not to find work. The guys doing the hiring are our affiliates so, where there is a job, we will do our very best to get you that job. We have the connections and job seeking resources you need.

Our fully guided program is no-nonsense. A traditional school isn’t going to do much to guide you. They provide a curriculum and some class instruction, but unfortunately, you’re one of hundreds, or possibly thousands of students that college professors teach daily. They may mean well, but it is nearly impossible for them to provide you with the necessary one on one attention and instruction you deserve for the tuition you’ve payed them. Furthermore, traditional college cannot provide you with a real studio experience where you are working on an album project for real groups and artists, engaging clientele, receiving hands-on instruction whenever needed, and guidance from a Client Relations Manager every step of the way. You will always get dedicated instruction with MAPPS. The spotlight will be on you and you’ll never be

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