With MAPPS’s professional recording industry course curriculum, you will learn by working side by side with an engineer or producer showing you the ropes in the recording industry in or near your place of residence. You will use the supplemental training videos in conjunction with the on-site training you will be receiving from a recording professional in the studio.

As a MAPPS student you will have access to an online school account. This is where you will receive your weekly lesson plans, instruction, take your exams, receive your grades and talk with other students via the online community.

As part of your curriculum, you will watch weekly video tutorials training you in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, etc. These videos show you how to use all the industry standard software by letting you watch, via screenshot, tutorials of the instructor using the software on his/her computer. This way of learning is not only fun, it’s easy for everyone.

The best way to make a career for yourself in the recording industry is to start training in a real recording studio today. Learning ProTools via video tutorial, applying what you’ve learned while using your own Pro Tools software, following MAPPS guided lesson plans online, taking the weekly exams, training in a real recording studio and networking while learning under an instructor will make you a well-rounded recording industry professional. Furthermore, we will help you find work in the recording industry where you can apply these mastered skills.

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